Incontinence Products when you’re on the go!

Do you or your loved ones require reliable daily incontinence products that are breathable and ultra absorbent? At Anywear You Go, we have a variety of incontinence aids. From Adult Briefs to Aloetouch Personal Cleansing Cloths, we have the protection that you need. Reliable adult protection is important when you’re on the go. We carry quality name brands in adult diapers, cleansing cloths and aids for dependent adult daily living. We update our inventory on a weekly basis to provide you with quality incontinence supplies. Get the Protection that you can rely on and trust with!

Enjoy being with your grandchildren while you're protected with the best Incontinence Products.


Are There Adult Diapers That Can’t Be Seen Through Fitted Clothing?

Having the need to use adult diapers is an issue that nobody likes to discuss or share with others. It’s understandable why you wouldn’t want anyone finding out about your incontinence. Fortunately, incontinence is no longer an issue that needs to keep you at home or wearing loose clothing to hide the bulkiness. More than […]

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Common Causes of Adult Incontinence

If you’ve just discovered that you’re having trouble holding your urine, or you are experiencing leaking, you’re probably in panic mode – why is this happening?! You aren’t alone. It is estimated that more than 13 million Americans have incontinence, and women are twice as likely to have it as men, according the Agency for […]

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Cleansing Cloths: Your Family’s Most Useful Product for Being On-The-Go!

When you think of baby wipes or cleaning cloths your mind probably immediately goes back to the days of changing your children’s diapers. When cleansing clothes are advertised for adults, you probably automatically associate them with incontinence issues. But, we hear of other uses from our customers all of the time! As it turns out, […]

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